BUZĂU , 7th edition,  18-20 June 2018


    Chapter I.

General provisions.

   Art. 1.  The international festival of pop musci for children and youth “MIHAELA RUNCEANU – PENTRU VOI MUGURI NOI [FOR YOU NEW BUDS]” is an event organized by the “ THE BUZĂU YOUTH ASSOCIATION 2010” in view of the participation of a segment of the population that falls within the context of education for art and its appreciation. The festival is entered in the Festival calendar of Educational Activities on the 2018 National Education Ministry of Romania.

   Art. 2.  The goal of this artistic manifestation competitive nature you are promoting musical and interpretative art creation at a high level talents in quality among children and youth, in order to achieve their aesthetic education and the development of imagination, good taste, respect for the values of this genre of art, breaking down the harsher realities, imitation and mediocrity. It will also follow the development of the children and youth of the spirit of fairness, competition, friendship and fair-play in the string between values and context and the the participation of children and young people with disabilities, children from abroad and within the country. Highlighting the young performers, especially those aged 15 and over 25 years of musical education available to them in an organized framework of competitions for their music, but also didactic work that you submit these young advisors. Continuing our great desire to promote artists and polish musical talent of new generations.

   Art. 3. The international festival  “MIHAELA RUNCEANU – PENTRU VOI MUGURI NOI” is a cultural event which takes place annually and is available on the following stages :

-         Pre-selection round

-          The final round – The festival- contest that the two sections, children aged 5-14 years and young people aged between 15 and over 25 years, an event that will take place in Buzău.


Chapter II.

Conditions of participation. 

    Art. 4.  In this pop music festival can take part children and youth performers from the country and abroad, individual and groups of 2-5 members,for section SHOW, whose tutors and parents deemed to have talent in music and interpretative art are prepared to participate in this kind of contest.

           The age of participants is between 6 to more than 20 years, and in exceptional circumstances when kids demonstrate interpretative talent especially will be entertained and the age of 4 years, the participants will be divided into groups (by age), under the two sections.

           The contest of individual performance to be held on the following age groups:

Children section :  4-6 years, 6- 8 years,   9- 11 years,   12-14 years,

Youth section: 15-17 years, 18- 25 years

    Art. 5.  Participants will perform two songs: a song from the romanian repertoire, and the second song from the international repertoire, music for children (children section), folk improvisations, meanwhile for children between 12 - 14 years as also at youth section, we recommend (not required) and songs from the repertoire of Mihaelei Runceanu in Romanian or in foreign language in view of enlisting to win the prize,,MIHAELA RUNCEANU,,.

NOTE  For children 4-6 years group, is not required to perform the songs in a foreign language.

   Art.  6.  Enrollment to this festival are taking place at the stage of:

·        •   Pre-selection – between 15 April- 30 May  2018,  on the basis of the following material:

a.    Individual performers:

  – a E-mail  with 2 songs recorded in wav format (positive ),mp3 ( or links you tube)

  - registration form for the pre-selection

  - copy of birth certificate, or identity card as appropriate

  b.  For groups  show section (2-5 members):

            - a E-mail with positive  of  musical collage in mp3 format or links you tube. Exceptions are allowed for the length of the tracks.

            - list of the members of the group to which are attached copies of the birth certificates, or identity cards of competitors in the group.

            - registration form

* Each individual competitor or group will send your CV being needed in the sheet which will be displayed on the site at the time of the display of the results of the PRE-SELECTION.

Individual competitors can participate in SHOW section.

           •  The final round  – Entries to this festival are taking place on the basis of the following material:

             - a E- mail with parts of negatives selected  by the jury (in wav, mp3 format), songs that take 3,30 minutes each for individual and 6 minutes for Show - groups. Exceptions are allowed for the length of the tracks.

             - registration form to the festival

- Copy of receipt (receipt)-registration fee for the final phase: 150 Ron, (30 euro) for individual performers and 60 Ron/group member (15 euro), per Show group.

- Registration fee at the final stage will be deposited in the account: RO87RNCB0318031070000001

             * For the final each age group will  feature 10 contestants to the individual, and the small groups (2 to 5 members) will feature 10 bands.      

All material and registration fee which will be sent to both e-mail are non-returnable.

THE E- MAIL ADDRESS IS THE FOLLOWING : Această adresă de email este protejată contra spambots. Trebuie să activați JavaScript pentru a o vedea.


The pre-selection  period15 April - 30 May 2018. The results will be displayed until 1- 2June 2018.

 Final enrollment period: 1 June- 17June 2018.

After this date materials no longer will be received , the qualified competitors who have not completed the enrollment files are disqualified, and in the contest will enter the next competitors according to their grades.

* The order of entry into the competition will be determined by drawing lots, or by the organisational Committee.

     Chapter .III.

   The festival programme

      Art. 7. Festivalul is taking place in the period 18 – 20 June  2018  established program organizers. On 18 -19  June 2018 will take place the contest ,  Prize - Giving ceremony and recitals 20 June 2018.

            - For competitors in the country and abroad, who will arrive in  Buzău a day before the start of the Festival and asking for accommodation, meal and accommodation is ensured in conditions which are displayed on the Festival's website one month prior to the competition.

            - The Festival programme will be displayed and will include next stages of rehearsal and competition, tours, Carnival with fun moments, the contest of miss and mister, press conference, related shows, in which will attend all the competitors announced ahead of time in order to be included in the programme, bands from Buzău City and Buzău County, students of Art School in Buzău, as well as within the country and abroad, sport contests, painting exhibitions with contest. Competitors will perform a song from the Romanian repertoire or of the country from where they come and a song from the international repertoire.

     Art. 8. The festival jury will be formed of the personalities of culture and music in Romania and abroad, composers, lyricists and performers, formers employees and friends of Mihaela Runceanu, representatives of partners.

The selection and judging criteria are:

      a.    The song corresponds to differences in age and temperamental (orchestral composition and text), it voice their concerns and aspirations of children and youth.

      b.    The evolution to be enjoyable, without emotion and discomfort, contain original elements and to delight the audience.

      c.    The participant must show: timbral clarity, intonation, diction, vocal amplitude and very good voice transmission.

      d.    The participant must have a specific age regarding the interpretative style expressive melody and text content, giving evidence of interpretive vocal performance and value.

     e.    To have the appropriate song and outfit for the age

     f.      vulgarity and imitation will be sanctioned.

     g.    The jury may admit own and choreographies and  dancers bands, the judging process in this case will be made for all the performing time of the competitor.

     h.    Decisions of the jury are incontestable and irrevocable

    Art. 9. Participation in juries is remunerated under civil conventions, the amount being determined by the organizers according to stage and budget of each edition. 

      Chapter  IV.

Prizes and diplomas.

     Art.10.  At each contest section  the competitors will receive the following prizes:

-        For individual : the trophy of the age group, prizes 1, 2, 3 and honourable mention at every age group

-        For Show-group : the trophy, rizes 1, 2, 3 and honourable mention

        §       The trophy of the festival for  each contest section , one for each section: children and youth, to the competitors who have obtained the highest average of competition within each section.

        §       The prize “Mihaela Runceanu” for the best interpretation of a musical piece for the repertoire of Mihaela Runceanu for all the sections, regardless of the section and the age category.

       §       In addition to the prizes established in money or objects, will be awarded depending on the financial possibilities and other rewards in the form of special prizes.

        §       All participants will receive the festival map will contain:  certificate of honor for the  being selected to participate in this festival,  the Festival badge (medal), the CD of the Festival, the flyer with the program of the Festival and the surprise of the festival

Chapter  V. Human, financial and administrative resources.

     Art. 11.  The entire organization of the Festival is conducted under the direct supervision and guidance of the organizers on the basis of conventions, where everyone's contributions are specified.

     Art. 12.  Financial resources and necessary materials Festival come from:

-  direct contributions from partner institutions,

- contracts-based sponsoring consisting of amounts paid on account of the Festival or various objects (equipment, materials, clothing, food, school supplies, toys, etc.) taken on the basis of the report of receipt

-  fees payed by competitors.

    Art. 13.  The organisation of pre-selection as also the cover  of the costs cover occasioned by this shall be made in conjunction with the main organising institution as well as with local authorities.

    Art. 14.  Each edition of the Festival is based on the elaboration of a plan of income and expenses realized no later than the end of the relevant calendar year beginning with the first quarter of the following yearFor further information : daily from 10-18 at the Festival Secretariat and on the Festival's website:www.mugurinoi.ro


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